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Compare ProDiet to the Other Brands

As a discriminating consumer concerned about your dog’s health, you need to read pet food labels carefully. Look for these key ingredients.

Chicken Meal with Water Removed

The #1 ingredient in ProDiet is chicken meal with water removed. Meat meal is a highly concentrated and dehydrated meat containing 5% moisture and 70% protein. Some other dog food brands that list meat as their #1 ingredient actually contain chicken, duck, lamb or beef as the first ingredient, but they contain 70-90% water before processing. Without the water, this ingredient would appear much farther down the ingredients list. Read more here.

No Poultry or Meat By-Products

Some other dog foods contain chicken by-products, which are the least desirable parts of a chicken, including necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines. ProDiet contains no chicken by-products. Read more here.

No Artificial Ingredients

About 50% of dogs get cancer by the time they reach their senior years and at least 25% of them die from the disease. We feed our dogs only ProDiet from birth and we have not had one dog with cancer in over 20 years. That’s pretty remarkable. The ingredients we do not put in ProDiet are just as important as what we do. We know what works.

Make the Comparison
Click here to see a chart showing how ProDiet compares to other dog food brands.
Health Care Costs and Your Dog

Statistics show that the average cost for veterinary care and medicine for each dog in the US is over $500 per year (other than the basic preventatives for your dog — vaccinations etc.). Many dog owners will spend $1,000 or more for treatment of cancer and other major health problems. Some, possibly many, could have been prevented with proper nutrition.

The cost for health care for our dogs at ProDiet — other than the basic preventatives — is basically zero. On average, less than $1 for each dog per year. However, everyone’s situation is different.

We are only stating our experience and there are no guarantees. The only thing we know for sure is that prevention is a lot cheaper than medicine.

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