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Natural Holistic Health Food for Dogs

Friends don't let friends eat just any dog food.

Why Go 'Pro'?

There's a direct connection between high-quality nutrition and your pet's long-term health, and that's what sets ProDiet apart from the other brands. Feeding ProDiet could save you hundreds of dollars in health care costs over the course of your dog's lifetime.


Our professional-quality real meat base recipes promote your pet's overall health with every bite. They're affordable, too, so you can feed ProDiet for years to come.


Originally developed for breeders, ProDiet has become the top choice for family pets, show dogs and sporting dogs alike.

ProDiet formulations are the world's most advanced, nutritious and proven natural holistic health foods for dogs and puppies.

As a cherished member of your family, your dog deserves the best. Feed your pet ProDiet for a long, healthy life.

We challenge you to find a food at any price that keeps your dog as healthy and active and its coat as nice and shiny as ProDiet does.

  • All ProDiet formulations exceed the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

  • ProDiet is produced in a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified facility with USA ingredients.

  • ProDiet has never had a recall!


The ProDiet Developers 

  • Stan Crume, internationally known breeder of imported and champion dogs. 

  • Dr. Al Rutledge, professor of animal nutrition and international consultant, who formulated the ration for the world-famous race horse, Secretariat. Dr. Rutledge is credited by many for helping to make Secretariat the "Greatest Race Horse of All Time."



Brenda Arneson, R.N., Minnesota

Thank you. Amazing change in just two days!


Dr. Jim Corbin, University of Illinois

What fabulous foods! Ingredients are superior. Congratulations!


L. H., North Dakota

I love this dog food ProDiet!! A couple of very important things I have seen from the use of ProDiet for my 5 great dogs. I have used ProDiet food from day 1. I have a Siberian Husky- Sequoia who is beautiful & such a great dog. Huskies will blow their coats twice a year & shed a lot all year. However with the use of ProDiet I can say that "Sequoia" shed less than a non-shedding dog would. He will still blow his coat but the clumps, if any, are the size of a nickel or quarter at most in comparison to clumps that I have seen the size of a melon in several places on the dogs body. I have hardwood floors so I can see just how much shedding is happening. I am happy to say I take Sequoia in to get groomed maybe once a year. The benefits from this dog food goes much farther than the amazing coats the dogs have.
With 5 dogs you would think that my yard would be a big brown patch. But happily my yard is amazing & lush with no brown spots, even in the spring after a long winter & less waste for my 5 dogs compared to the neighbor with just 1 dog. I even did some landscaping the summer of 2012 & the brand new sod had no problems w/ the 5 dogs.
Feeding 5 dogs is also noticeably different with a good quality food. For 5 dogs I only use 40-50 lbs. of food a month. I have many friends who are convinced that the "name brand" from the vet is the way to go & use 2-3 times the food we do & that is for 1 medium size dog. Not to mention again the waist & the damage to the yards they have from using a brand of food that isn't as quality as ProDiet.
I dog sit for a couple of close friends & because this food is so good I don't let them bring whatever food they normally feed their dog because 1) I won't feed it to the dog when they are at my house & 2) more important & impressive is their dog can come eat our food & have NO reaction to the change in food. No stomach upset or loose stools or anything. Plus they like it & eat it like it is a treat to them.
I have always promoted this food & the cost to anyone I know with a dog. The one friend who doesn't use it, thinks that the size of the bag is too big for the 1 little dog she has, but will spend more on a smaller bag of less quality food & then asks me why her dog (from my litter of puppies) sheds when my dogs do not! So for me the benefit is more than this little area can express.
Thank you for such an amazing food to feed my dogs. They are like kids to me so knowing they are getting the best means so much!


Jon G., Minnesota

We started using your product in January and within 2-3 weeks we started noticing the difference in our Golden Retrievers coat.  She was shedding terribly and her skin was dry and flaky. Up to that point we had been using Blue Buffalo, but our retriever was shedding so bad, if you pet her you would get a clump of hair.  We literally told our friends not to wear black if they were coming over.  Since the change, I cannot even begin to tell you how much improvement in her coat and skin has taken place. Since starting your food her skin has cleared up and she has stopped shedding completely. 

Unbelievable! Love your product! I tell all my friends with dogs about you. Again thanks, love your food. ProDiet for life!


Keri Gardner, M.D., Alaska

Oct. 2, 2020. We wanted to write you with the good news that after failing several other top-quality dog foods and prescription diets, our border collie with foot allergies is doing amazing on the ProDiet Holistic Choice dog food. It was very easy to switch her over to the ProDiet because she loved the taste. We started using it as training treats to see how she would do, and whenever we called her she turned around immediately and ran back licking her lips in anticipation. She couldn't believe her good luck when she started getting full scoops of ProDiet for breakfast and dinner--which is surprising because she was getting rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes twice a day! She is now on a full diet of your kibble and she is very healthy and energetic and has had absolutely no vomiting or diarrhea. The transition was very smooth and we couldn't be happier. We are lucky that we found ProDiet--thank you!"


J. S., Minnesota

I just wanted to let you know that I cannot say enough in praise of ProDiet. After five years of raising Akitas and making only a little money above expenses, ProDiet helped me to have a more profitable year.

My dogs used to produce few puppies, and the ones that did usually lost two or three. Finally you, who had raised dogs for years and knew what breeding kennels really needed, came along with ProDiet. Now all my dogs are having puppies and keeping them. Even two females that I had been breeding unsuccessfully for two years and was going to give up on are now pregnant.


E.B., North Dakota

We rescued our Basset mix a little over two months ago. He had trouble with loose stools at first, and we thought it was the stress of transition or maybe treats so we made sure to monitor. We kept him on the Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice because that’s what the rescue had fed him, and the vet said it was good food. I wasn’t convinced after looking at the ingredients though. His BMs improved but still aren’t firm. I’ve tried probiotics too and fed him just chicken and rice for two days (that did work but we slipped back the other way once maintaining a normal diet.) So, long icky story short, I’m so glad we found your food, and I’m thrilled to be supporting a local business too. 

My dad has a Brittany and said he read about your food in a hunting magazine awhile ago too. I’m bringing some back to Western ND this weekend for his dog to try as well.
Sorry to keep filling up your inbox, but I just had to tell you how impressed I am with ProDiet after just using it a couple days!

After you said it was ok to switch completely over, I fed Archie one cup (he gets about 2 cups a day) in the morning. His BM was better already midday. His second serving in the evening we did a half cup. By morning, he had completely normal BMs. After just two servings!!! Forget the rest of the Purina; we will donate it to the Humane Society!
Thanks so much for all your great communication. I look forward to meeting you as soon as our bag starts to get low! I’m bringing some to my dad's dog this weekend to see if he likes it (I’m sure he will), and will definitely be singing your praises to all my pet owner friends!

Update, Sept. 24, 2019. I just wanted to let you know we continue to love having Archie on ProDiet. My dad and brother have also switched their dogs over after seeing how well Archie did on it. They’ve both noticed great changes in their coats, energy and general well-being! I keep telling everyone how much we love your food! (I also wrote into recommending your food!)

Thanks again!


We took our two six-year-old dogs to the vet for a check-up. I thought you might like to see the vet’s reports. They are both perfect, which the vet says is unheard of. That just goes to show, if you want your dogs to be healthy, it pays to feed ProDiet, “The World's Best Dog Food.”

2021 update. Our dogs have been raised on ProDiet since they were puppies. Had them to the vet for their annual checkup. Same results again...everything is perfect! The vet says this is unbelievable!

Pat & Ron, Minnesota


"Best on the Planet!!"

Dr. Lon Jorgensen, Ph.D.

To learn more about ProDiet Pet Food from its founding in 1960 to the present, click here.

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